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I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM, WE ALL SCREAM FOR HEALTHY ICE CREAM. As most of you know by now, my partner and I have recently been trying our hand at the whole “Banting” lifestyle – and in fact, yesterday marked exactly one month. Needless to say that my blog is now dotted with posts which involve details of our new “lifestyle adventures”. Through the exposure of these posts, I was approached by one of my followers who is also the owner and producer of Cold Gold Ice Cream. Janine van Zyl, a brilliantly vibrant young lady is also an artisan producer of ice creams, sorbets and practically any frozen fantasy. Every single product produced by Cold Gold is done using only fresh, organic, seasonal and local ingredients sourced from local farms and small producers in the Winelands. Only the best and freshest ingredients are used and absolutely NO artificial flavouring & colouring, NO stabilizers, NO preservatives and NO chemicals are used.

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