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Welcome! Thank you for joining us at Gamers Plane! I'm sure some people are unsure what they're doing here. Maybe a friend pointed them here, or they saw one of my tweets, or the Google Gods are smiling upon Gamers Plane today. You're here because you love Pen & Paper RPGs. Whether you like playing a wizard throwing around destructive magic or a spy throwing around destructive wit or a shadowrunner throwing around destructive escape plans, who needs pretty graphics when you have imagination! As we're just getting started, the site is a bit sparse, but there's a lot you can do. Start up a game Find or add some RP music Roll all the dice! Is there a system you want to run but don't see on our list? Let us know and we'll (try to) add it! This is about and for Pen & Paper gamers. Features will keep coming, but we need your feedback to make this perfect!

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