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BJ's Bingo & Gaming is a world class, family run gaming facility. In the state-of-the-art bingo hall, each one of the 584 bingo seats offers an industry leading 4 feet of comfortable table space for each player in both smoking and non-smoking rooms. And there is plenty to WIN! $10,000 minimum goes, and BIG Jackpots are available to win, every session. Our very own Speed Game is the most unique table game in the industry. It is drop in play, fast paced and offers 5 jackpots every game. Our electronic gaming room has over 200 Vegas style slot machines that have more than 20 Jackpots AVAILABLE at all times. The largest, single payout so far has been $1,035,088.09! BJ's is a clean, safe and friendly place to play WITH PLENTY OF SECURITY AND Lots of parking with cart driver door service.

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