The Video Visual QR Code


The exponential growth of Smartphone usage is continuously transforming the worlds of advertising and marketing, print and mobile alike. As quality mobile devices proliferate across the planet, the percentage of internet browsing that is done on the Smartphone is rapidly approaching the time spent on PCs and people are eager to use their devices to engage with the world around them. Nowhere has this willingness to engage been a more integral part than the QR Code campaign.

Along with Smartphone usage, QR Codes have also burst into recognition as a great way to engage customers and offer them rewarding mobile experiences. QR Codes have been plastered on enormous billboards, spread across magazines and they have even been spotted popping up in Internet and TV ads as well. Yet despite its enthusiastic use, the QR Code’s success as a call-to-action hasn’t quite fulfilled its prophesied potential. Gen0 QR Codes (to read more about QR Code Generations, visit our technology page) can be difficult to combine with the rest of the design and because they are static, they can disrupt the flow of digital content which causes most designers to relegate them to the corner rather than allow them to take up a prominent position in the commercial. So if you think QR Codes are as cool as we do, you’ll welcome Visualead’s latest Visual QR Code ingenuity – the Video Visual QR Code.

Instead of standing out awkwardly like a blotch on the screen, the Video Visual QR Code explodes vibrantly across the display, immediately capturing passerby’s attention while still merging in attractively with the rest of your content. Engagement with the customer is now raised to a whole new level, as they are being invited to interact directly with your brand or company in a new, innovative and thrilling way. The QR Code, once deplored as an inflexible waste of space, can now be utilized to its full potential as a call-to-action that has the ability to lead customers into mobile experiences and its presence adds an innovative factor that reflects well upon your brand or company’s originality.


The most effective way to engage your customer through digital media

Visualead has created Video Visual QR Codes as a way to advance QR Codes from the world of print upon which they have quite the tenacious hold, to the more complex yet rewarding video industry that includes everything from TV commercials to digital displays and internet marketing. Video and animation are incredibly successful marketing tools in the physical and virtual world and their whole purpose is to attract attention, which can then be focused on the Video Visual QR Code that is merged within. As you can see from our video example, the code is active and dynamic within the video in order to increase the likelihood of being scanned. Our technology continually adjusts the code as the video changes so that at each moment, the most visually appealing fusion of code and image is being displayed with minimal video disruption, while still making sure that the QR Code is completely machine-readable by Gen0 QR Code scanner applications.  In addition, because designing flexibility is a priority at Visualead, we also offer various options for the code’s integration within the video. While many choose to emphasize the code’s presence like in the examples in our video, you can also choose a more inconspicuous look for your code as not to detract from other parts of your video. You can also choose to set your code to follow certain objects or simply move around independently upon the screen.


Uses for Video or Animation Visual QR Code

Videos have long been recognized as a vital part of the advertising industry, from TV commercials and Google TV to digital billboards, digital displays and web videos. As bridges to the mobile internet world, Video Visual QR Codes can enhance the value of your digital content in many different ways. Successful examples usually offer the customer some kind of instant reward for scanning the code, like a discount, which can be especially useful when you’re looking for ways to differentiate your brand from the various options that are flashing before your potential customer’s eyes on a billboard. Other examples can be enrolling your customer in a sweepstakes competition or welcoming them to like your Facebook page from the digital display at the entrance of your shop or restaurant while they wait in line to enter. In conferences or for educational purposes, you can offer a Video Visual QR Code within your presentation that will allow them to download your presentation or video or lead them to your website. Another great use is within trade shows where every competitive edge that your company gains can mean the difference between success and loss. For the wildly growing world of internet marketing, we also offer Animation Visual QR Codes that are a vivacious and charming blend of animation and code that will immediately grab your browsing customer’s attention.

Another rarely mentioned, yet useful side to Video Visual QR Codes, is the QR Code’s usability as a source for gleaning information about the success of your advertisement in a particular time-slot, channel or audience. Visualead offers its customers detailed analytics that enable them to track every scan of their code, divided by sectors such as location, time and number of scans. When your code is merged within your commercial or digital display, it can be used to track the ad the moment it goes on the air so that you can more easily estimate which time slots and locations are the most productive. This is a dramatic advantage as you can use it to gauge the effectiveness of your commercial in real-time. In addition, you can also use the analytics to see what types of Smartphones your customers are using to scan your code and which type are used to buy your product, thus increasing your familiarity with your customers’ traffic and conversion process.


So why wait? Advertising is an extremely competitive, fast-paced industry and it’s important to use all the leverage you can get. Video Visual QR Codes can help your commercials and displays rise to the next level by actively engaging your customers in an enjoyable and innovative experience that will leave them with a taste for more. Their creation is relatively simple yet their effect can be enormously beneficial.  And the result? A vibrant and riveting video that will provide your customers with an exciting, cutting-edge consuming experience that will definitely increase your mobile user traffic.

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